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…all my days are gifts from you, i pray I’ld use them as you want me to, use them for you…”

“Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there”, goes a wise saying. A good friend reveals God’s presence and makes his word came alive (I will never leave thee nor forsake thee). Most of us have that one special person we strike a cord with. The one who is willing to take the rough road with us, to laugh at our dry jokes, to confront us with the truth and is ready to take the bullet for us.

That one special person who is your biggest fan even when you are failing until you actually win describes a friend.Friendship is something everyone has a unique definition of, however not everyone is blessed with one. The gift of a genuine friend does not come in a day. It takes time, commitment, love, trust, patience and a lot to build. It takes failing and raising together.

How to use this gift as He (God) would wants me to:  Like with every gift, I  first of all know that it is out of God’s mercy that I have a good genuine friend. God found us worthy to entrust us with each other. I must therefor dedicate time to daily build it, nurture it with trust and faith knowing that in all I am doing it unto God for it pleases Him when brothers/sisters dwell together in harmony and fellowship.

Lord I thank you for the gift of great friends. Today I renew my commitment to be a friend not for a reason, nor in season, but to be a friend for a life time for by so doing, I will be using the gift of friendship as God would want me to. May you also be reminded that your friends are a special gift and you must also treat them as such.



Author: evewueseter

An advocate for peace by peaceful means. Interested in issues around love, healthy relationships, peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution. I am a highly spiritual personality, interested in how faith stands as a good tool for tolerance, peace and love. I believe in God. I love God.

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