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…all my days are gifts from you, i pray I’ld use them as you want me to, use them for you…”

I recall  today, just like yesterday the discussions around my parents choice of a secondary school for me. It was not only centred around one of the best girls’ boarding schools, but around distance and cultural diversity. ” I want her to learn about other cultures, and mostly to learn how to speak Hausa when she’s on holiday because its good to learn languages” said my Dad. And yes he followed up by engaging me in Hausa and French once I was home from  my one year at FGGC Jalingo. My point is this, parents make lots of sacrifices to open doors for their children that they never had the privilege of seeing. I am sure you have your own cherished memories around this.

As I identify the gift of a father today,  I am reminded of God’s instruction to them; “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord Eph 6:4. In love my parents brought five of us up taking a leap (I may say) from this scripture. Dad never spared the rod. At 8 he gave me 10 lashes on my buttocks for punching my elder brother in the stomach, but it was done in love, to correct, and I learnt respect and order. A father represents the number one provider. Selfless, loving and so much more. Until you grow, begin to work and earn, you will never know that the best mathematicians are parents. How they are able to manage resources to cover every little need is better imagined.

How to use this gift as He (God) would wants me to:  I am commanded to honour our father and mother. The first command tied to a  blessing. I must see discipline as corrections meant to mould us into perfect shape. I must never stop loving and when I love, I must give no matter how little. God loves parental giving. Above all, I must know that it is a privilege to have a father/father figure and not a right. Finally I must wake everyday thanking God for this precious gift and cherish every moment of using this gift to Gods glory as He would want me to.

May God bless all fathers (biological and nonbiological) today and always.





Author: evewueseter

An advocate for peace by peaceful means. Interested in issues around love, healthy relationships, peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution. I am a highly spiritual personality, interested in how faith stands as a good tool for tolerance, peace and love. I believe in God. I love God.

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