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cropped-dsc_10691.jpgFew months ago, while enjoying hot water run down my body, caressing off goose bumps from the -2 degree Bradford temperature, I hummed to several tunes repeatedly until my consciouness was drawn to the Hillsong lines I couldn’t go past; “…all my days are gifts from you I pray I’ld use them as you want me to, use them for you..”. I repeatedly sang these lines from the album You are my world  until I began to view life from it.

The weight of these words brought me to tears, I was reminded of my emptiness, of how much i am nothing without God, my creator and father. It made me realise how much I owe it all to Him for the many gifts I have in the past taken for granted.

God found me worthy to enjoy salvation through the gift of His son Jesus Christ (John 3:16). This is my first and greatest gifts of all. Was I to go by the sung writer’s lyrics, all my days are gifts from you…, I would never allow the sun rise and fall without giving thanks to my source of being. A day is simply not enough for me to count my blessings. God’s gifts to me are numerous. However, it is my duty to identify these gifts one by one in appreciation and total surrender.

If I pray I’ld use them as He (you) would want me to, then I must be conscious to take care of these gifts, treat them with love and respect as He would want. Not as unto man, or out of compulsion but as unto God with love.

From that day, I began identifying God’s gifts to me and how to use them as He would want me to. The practice has been very uplifting such that I can no longer keep to self.

Consequently, I hope to share daily one gift God has given me, and how I am using it as He would want me to.


Today, 25th February, 2016 being my mother’s birthday explains why I will start with this gift. I’m not better than many that grew up without the warmth and love of a mother, but God choose me to be brought forth and loved by a very special woman,  Mrs. Esther Kamimi Kpurkpur. She sacrificed (and still does) her comfort, self and benefits, physically and spiritually for the five that ceased her flow. I have watched her support my Dad in love and affection to the admiration of many. She has been my tutor, mentor, inspiration, source of encouragement and a friend to lean on. She is that wife of noble character in Proverbs 31:10-30. She is worth far more than rubies. She is an amazing gift.

How to use this gift as God wants me to:  I will continually love and respect my mother. I will arise and call her blessed Prov. 30:28. I will honour her, Exodus 20:12. I will obey her, for it is right Eph.6:1. I may be grown, I may have gained some level of independence but my mother remains God’s precious gift to me, to be loved and cherished. I will always respect and never disobey her. When I have a contrary opinion, I will share it in love and respect. This is what God would have me do and He will be glorified. If i fail to use this gift to His glory, I will have God to answer to. I pray NEVER to fail.

Happy Birthday Sweet Mother. I love you.



Author: evewueseter

An advocate for peace by peaceful means. Interested in issues around love, healthy relationships, peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution. I am a highly spiritual personality, interested in how faith stands as a good tool for tolerance, peace and love. I believe in God. I love God.

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